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"Meet they mama!"

Sooo excited! Wonderful purchases were made today and I am totally stoked. First, because I was overly excited about them in the first place, linens! I have these charmingly simple but not too simple sheets that will compliment my comforter and the NEW! Body Pillow, which conveniently also matches the fabulously soft NEW Down Throw! Yes. It all matches. So soft. So enjoyable. Yis. Excuse me while I go dive into their fluffiness and revel in it.

Not quite yet though, because I also need to babble in an animated fashion about all the neat things I bought for the writing center this year! I concluded, logically so mind you, that since it is concievable that we would be recieving more traffic this year with our wonderful advertising strategies, that my desk probably shouldn't be overloaded with a sheer mass of indecipherable materials, like it was last year. Hence, organizers! They're so CUTE! Everything is blue themed, and I have a tiny little shelf thing for pens, pencils, extra post-its, things that aren't in use. However, I also got a little "pencil cup" as it was called, but it is oh-so-much-more than a pencil cup. It has two slots for writing utensils which I will divide between pencils and pens, and then... this is where it gets really cool... it has three shelves that come out of the body of it! Creating the perfect spot for spare paperclips, staples, rubber bands, tacks, etc. I also got a three hole punch so that my binders wont be such a mess but... it's also not just a three hile punch as it also has a ruler and, yes there's more and that's way too cool, a little pencil case built in. I also bought loads of post-its, with which to write suggestions on for papers, appointment dates, etc. I have a tape dispenser this year, so we wont have to steal tape from our bathmates(sorry, shannon!), and beneath IT, small compartments with push pins, binder clips, and more paper clips. I also bought a box of red pens with nice little grips, black pens because I must have gone stupid, the necessary mechanical pencils as well as old-fashioned #2's with a, get this, tiny battery operated electric sharpener. I also have a little bed caddy, where i can hang books and pencils and such in a little hanging organizer from my bed, so as to preserve them from spilled gatorade, and easy acessability if my knee and/or shoulder decides to dislocate. So, very excited. Yesh. *claps hands* And now, to dive into the body pillow and watch Finding Nemo. Rawk!
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