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What the hell? ... I mean seriously.

Hot damn I want tacos and guacamole with chips.

Also... MSN has done it again.

So.. I feel this would best be illistrated in my rant with Dom.

ThpethalK: oh my fucking god
ThpethalK: there is no hope dom
ThpethalK: it's all over now.
Ragnorok17: For whom?
Ragnorok17: Or what?
ThpethalK: MSN.
ThpethalK: seriously.
Ragnorok17: Oh. Yeah.
ThpethalK: Someone... just kill them all
ThpethalK: this is... hands down, the stupidest article
ThpethalK: i have read in my entire life
ThpethalK: I only clicked on it because the grammar of the title angered me because it was linked as "Man swings gator at girlfriend"
Ragnorok17: Heh. That's funny.
ThpethalK: anyone with HALF a brain would know that as this story has been reported, it should be "Man SWUNG gator"
ThpethalK: unless, of course, he is still swinging it at her
Ragnorok17: I assumed he was still swinging.
ThpethalK: but then... it should be "Man swings gator at girlfriend all the live-long-fucking-day"
Ragnorok17: And that authorities were trying to calm the bastard down.
Ragnorok17: And yes, you're right.
Ragnorok17: It's hard to try and calm down a guy swinging an alligator.
ThpethalK: i'd imagine so. but still... the Associated press... is reserving the rights to this... If I were them, I'd be ashamed
ThpethalK: try to make it seem like this was a blog that no one should ever have known about
Ragnorok17: Heh. Yeah.
ThpethalK: Cuz, y'know... the problem wasn't that he beat his wife and all. it's that he swung a gator at her. apparently that's what gets em in florida
Ragnorok17: Yes.
Ragnorok17: Keep in mind there's a good chance his wife is his sister.
ThpethalK: true.
ThpethalK: or she really could have bit his hand
ThpethalK: because... they were out of alchohol, as he says
Ragnorok17: Heh, yeah.
Ragnorok17: That's what they live for in FL.
ThpethalK: HAND BITING?!?
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