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Read the pain away...

Numbin' it out with literature, rock! So, I just finished Animal Farm... good stuff. Very effective fable, I feel. I'm still all kinds of angry that we never had to read anything of substance in Cambridge High, and just might suggest Animal Farm replace A Day No Pigs Would Die, as that book is devoid of substance and painful to read. However, I'm pretty unemotional right now, so I'll write a better review when I have a sense of proportion.


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Jul. 16th, 2004 01:38 pm (UTC)
i found your journal through soliloquy1st's, and since i'm currently reading Animal Farm i felt like i should comment! i last read the book when i was in middle school, and from what i can remember it was one of the first books i read where we were asked to read into the book and examine what the author was trying to say; but our teacher didn't necessarily teach us how to do so and literally yelled at us and stormed out of the room when none of us knew what the windmill symbolized. obviously it was a bit of a traumatic experience.

anyway, what did you think of the book?
Jul. 18th, 2004 02:40 pm (UTC)
I really loved the book. I liked the contrast and the simplicity of it, so that even small children can read it and understand. However, the metaphor of the book, while being easy to find if one knows a bit of background, is obvious without being painfully obvious. Overall I thought it was very artfully and precisely done, a pleasant enough story to follow, with several lessons to be learned from it. I kinda wish I could've saved the animals though. Like... let a couple of leopards into the farmhouse or something and then had them released into the wild after they had a nice supper. :)

Anyway, about the teachers and underlying meanings... they're all so full of crap. I hate that part of school... We were supposed to find the metaphor in The Scarlet Letter and yeah... didn't go over so well. She told us we were all hopeless and said we should all give our sincerest apologies to Hawthorne. =/ Creep.
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