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John Steinbeck, I hate you.

Well, there should have been a post from last night however apparently my subcluster on the lj-servers was getting "maintained" so thus, read-only, entry lost; sucked into the vaccumn that is the interent. At any rate I don't think it matters much now as it has come to my attention that a couple of things within it were quite false and/or unfinished. So, with that in mind, we will happily trod on forward into a new, and far more superior entry.

Well, in an interesting turn of affairs, it would appear that yesterday I made 130 dollars in tip. Upon re-evaluation I made about 80. Still nothing to shake a stick at, but I'd like the extra 50 very much. Especially for a 6 hour shift, that would make my wage about $13 an hour, plus whatever my paycheck will be which wont be much. However, I'll take $13/hour (and possibly more) when all I have to do is talk to people, scribble down an order, and bring them food and drink. I think I can handle that. However I really had something I wanted to write in here...

Ah, yes, title. Steinbeck. Hmm. At the heart of this is disappointment; extreme disappointment at that. As a general rule, I may not like all of "classic literature", but I can at least take something from it. Example, I hate Nathaniel Hawthorne. He's dead dull and often makes me want to burn his colorless book; however, it did give me a good sense and feeling of the puritan world and values. Still, I hate his writing style and never wish to read anything by him ever again, but I took something from it; there was something to learn. Yesterday, I read the Of Mice and Men cover to cover and that was the most pointless book I have ever read in my entire life. In retrospect I must have gone stupid for reading it in the first place because I had tried at one point and then cast it aside for having no plot. No, didn't remember the lesson it seems, so I picked it up, decided that since it's only 110 pages I'd give it a shot, and by the end, wished to god George had come out of the page and shot me instead of Lennie. Talk about an anti-climactic ending, jeez! Some of the main gripes....

1. The reoccurring "flies in the light like sparks" thing.

2. The pointless developement of certain characters that play absolutely no role.

3. The speediness with which the character developement was done.

4. The fact that there was a tart involved, and no f'in scandal. He leads you on with everyone saying, stay away from her she's got the "eye". She's lookin' around ... and then nope. She gets her hair touched and dies. Woo hoo.

5. The ending. God I hate the ending. Total "What the crap?!", I am enraged at the ending.

It's almost like he had the makings of a really good book, then forgot everything, lost his inspiration, and just threw and ending on there really quick because he didn't know what else to do. Part of me believes there is a good book lurking in there somewhere, if someone was just to pick it up about half-way through and re-write the bugger, it could be good. It just really annoys me when something with potential nosedives right into the ground and burns. I did not take anything from this book. The only thing I could have possibly learned how to do is how to write out the dialect of the bindle-bum ranch workers of California. Rah! I mean, the book could even be turned into a horror story if Lennie would get up and scream like a banshi and chase them down and try to kill them all and then roam around the countryside. Granted, that would suck too, but still... thoroughly disappointed. In lue of all that rubbish, Animal Farm, here I come.
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