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Its a new day!

And another crappy one! Fun fun fun! Well my fund raising money and candy was stolen yet again and I am seriously concidering wiring my locker to find out who the perpetrator is... knocky bastards. who steals from a fucking fund raiser?!?!? A very corrupt individual. of course, then one might ask who the hell would bomb the WTC building? Apparently a disgruntled arab. ` shrug. either way both of them are insanely WRONG! And well, so is the lovely relationship shared by my father and my sibling. They both should be smacked with a large object. And my dad should be beaten with a stick. But someday, i'll get the hell outta dodge and live with ian. Ian my CROW! :D Perfect perfect perfect! I am looking forward to talking to him tonight and GETTING OUT OF MY HOUSE! Its Renates last day here so i am going over there to say goodbye.! :( I am gonna miss herrrrr!!! Not cool, dear lord. Homecoming is so incredibly gay. Farking popularity contest for all of the snobby little princesses that all think they are the shit. Me? I'm a bitter self-rightous hag that isnt going! YAY! go me! I'll go to prom cuz then my prince will be here. But time for me to go home! Au Revoir!
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