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So pick up your ears love, and point 'em at me.

This morning was positively delightful. Barring waking up at 7:30-ish, I had a lovely drive afer my mother gave me the car. I met the beautiful and charming Caitlin at around 8 and we went to the coffee house, enjoyed a Latte each and had marvelous conversations. We touched on everything from talking about our mutual discomfort about Michael Moore, to our mutual desire to carry a sharpie at all times to fix haunting grammatical erros, and to discussing and looking at truly amazing pictures of the site she has been uncovering and working at in New Mexico for the past 5 weeks. Caitlin's team is trying to get National Geographic to sponsor their dig and let them continue to do what Anthropologists do best. I hope they do. Afterwards we spent about an hour at the lake, expressing our concerns about our choice males; girl talk can be nice when done properly. We had intended to brunch at about 10:30, however the restaurant was understaffed because stupid people didn't show up, so we walked around town and gazed at the vintage clothing store, bought candy at Katie's Corner, and continued with our conversation. I met Chris's boyfriend, he looks alarmingly like Troy... however, that is irrelevant. We eventually did get lunch at Serendipity but we both had breakfast foods. Crab & Shrimp Benedict for me. Holy amazing Yum. When we left it was pouring rain, and we kinda danced around in it for a bit. However, it was cold so we kept it brief, and I have just returned from bringing her home. We are going to schedule a reading date soon though, she wants to read some of my poetry and stories from the year. I will pass Eats Shoots & Leaves onto her before I go back up to college... she reads quickly so I wont be without it for too long. Wholly remarkable book.

This storm that has errupted has caused a fit of inspiration. I'm going to try to finish my Harry Potter in Half the Time tonight, and just take it easy and enjoy my day off. I'm also going to try to call Matt and cheer him up a bit. I feel motivated, and optimistic. Granted, that could and possibly might change after I talk to him, if I fail, that is. However, the writing will be done. And then I'm going to need a couple of volunteers to reed the bastard and give me their opinions before I post it. This thing has to be flawless! *twitch*
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