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66 Degrees in July... we're doomed.

Why the hell do I like this song?!

It's gotta be the piano part in the middle section... yeah, that'd do it. I wish the entire song was just that. Maybe I'll clip and mix the fucker. God I wanna play with Cody's new mixer, but I think it's over at Graham's. Ah, Well I'll find a way and listen to 311 mixes in the meantime.

So this weather is really disconcerting. The fact that it's been such a mild and wet summer frightens me because it can only mean one of two things. A) We're going to have a mild winter, warm with no snow and everything will just be brown for months... or, the more frightening and more likely: B) Winter is going to kick our asses. I mean, with a vengence. Plus, come winter, I'll be in Minneapolis and this past year was cold enough - and it was a mild winter, for wisconsin; anyway - If it got colder, I can garauntee my tendency for lethargy and sleeping in would double. As would faithlynn, and I have to look out for my faith.

Well, while I feel a bit like a copy-cat and wish the original idea had been my own, I have recently been struck with the urge to write a Harry Potter in Half the Time for the first 2 movies. I was watching the first one with Alyssa yesterday (the kids are all so little!!!) and all these ideas kept popping into my head and I'd end up laughing for no apparent reason, bit annoying really. Yet, I'm thinking about doing it. Because my little thought bubbles popped so beautifully after they were concieved, I think it could be entertaining. So... maybe, just... be warned.

Ugh... I'm in that... confused morning stupor where i'm teetering between just falling off my chair and letting the caffiene slap me into reality. So this is why they developed the blah "emotion"...
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