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Screw you, Mother Nature!

So, obviously in an act of sheer defiance, the show went on. The show in question is the fireworks show in Waterloo. The defiance I speak of, is the fact that although it was raining, they lit 'em up anyway. While watching colored embers explode in the night sky is always enjoyable, judgement must be taken into account. After the first firework fell back down and the "operator" had to hit the dirt, a light might have gone on and a small voice might have suggested, "y'know, this might not be such a wise idea...". Sadly, no such connection was made as the incident repeated itself. However, despite the poor judgement and raindrops in the eye, it was an enjoyable evening. I just found that I have like... 5 e-mails from the Matthew, which makes me feel thpethal! However, I do have to be at work at 5 am. Thus... BED!
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