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Amen, brother

Way to go, Cosby. *applauds*

Sometimes this whole philosophy and concept of racism just irks me beyond explaination. I have never discriminated against anyone in my life. When I see people, I see individual humans with characteristics and it's amazing how impossible it is for some people to believe that. It's shocking when they insist that I don't. I've had it happen, where just because I'm white, I must be discriminative. No, fellas, and that's when reverse racism comes in, and then I get really pissed. But thank you, Bill. The world needs to remember what personal responsibility is, and needs to stop blaming past mistakes on all current problems. You can't move into the future if you're living in the past and focusing on all the negatives instead of making goals to reach positives.

An article for extra measure and enjoyment.
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