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I can't believe last night wasn't a full moon. I went out walking somewhere around 11:15... to about 2/3rds of the way down the lake road, then turned around on impulse. I did a lot of thinking; the sound and steady movement of walking just helps to churn the 'ol thoughts around, kinda like butter, letting them form into something semi-solid, possibly even tangible. Anyway, back to the moon. At the end of my walk I stopped at my dock and was laying on my back, staring at the sky and I saw, for the first time I can really remember, actual moonbeams. Breaking through the sparse clouds, leaving ghostly, faint shadows. I hope tonight is just as breathtaking. There was this wonderful glow on the lake, when the wind blew it looked like there was glitter flecking on the surface. At one point, it looked like a river of molten lead. The dissimilitude from daytime is really interesting. It was so calm, the water looked like glass, excepting the occasional fish which would hurtle itself out of the pane to crash back into it. It Completely reminded me of No Suprises by Radiohead. Such a pretty scene, No alarms and No suprises please, Silence. At any rate, I know I'll find myself there tonight. Although, I wish I would find myself down in Missouri. =/
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