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wo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Okay okay i KNOW i havent written in forever and i have major catching up to do but right now i am focused on ONE thing! IAN! Omigosh, all through summer freaking out that he didnt love me and all that shit god i'm a fucking retarddd! still dont know how he can but he does! i know that much! AND I GOT MY PICTURES!!! FINALLY! omigosh they are awesome! especially this one...omg my FAVORITE! ITs like a funky angle, and all you can see is our left shoulders...and we're standing cheek to cheek and i'm looking far off and he just has his eyes shut and is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot keep in my energy! He's so foggin perfect! omigosh, the things he says and does and what not just makes me falllll. Plus like, i got my job back, i'm still going to europe, i got invited to go on a different trip to europe but this is an elite thing and i get like 10 college credits for it!!!! so i'm like woah! PLUS i got a part in the musical! I am a crow and a beautician and a WINKIE! I'm getting an A in Trig.! Unfathomable! I've just been so happy lately and i have so much energy cuz i get to go see him in 4 FARKING DAYS! WOO YEAH BABY! Mostly cuz of him. he's called me like..every single day. devotion!!! and omg...i dont know if i wrote in here what his mom did but she bought him a box of fuckin condoms! Jeez thanks for the faith mom! I should change my name to Lola and become a french prostitute!!! okay no so i shouldnt...cuz i have IAN! and he is so sweet, like when he tells me stuff out of the blue like, "i love you so much, i love you more than god does. i love everything about you. You perfect perfection." !!!!!!!!!!!! ` swoon He asked me to marry him. I'm engaged. :D
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