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life of chasing butterflies...

Livejournal hates me. It ate my entry from last night, which is sad because it was a gem and I now have lost all of it. Moving on, however...

Last night at work was odd. About half of it was doing odd chores such as sweeping, wiping tables and chairs, weeding, unloading old office stuff from 2001.. etc. The other half, was eating pizza and laughing jovially. 'Twas unorthodox, to say the least. The building is really weird. Probably only because it's so old but it once was a mill, and has since been several restaurants. The basement, however, looks like a scene from a horror movie and smells really foul. There is actually a really deep and dark hole in the corner underneath the stairs and I figure that's where they hide the bodies. Yet, my boss seems to think it's cool and wants to have wine parties down there... Personally, I'd be a wee bit frightened. However, I am now a bartender and am going back to "work" at four. I think we might actually be training a little today. Other than that it seems like we're totally going to wing it. I bartend on Monday and I have literally no experience... awesome.

I called Matt last night and it was quite the paradox of emotions. On one hand I was exceedingly happy to hear him, joke around with him, and talk about rather large words again... after all, he "can't stay mad at" me and "aren't these phone conversations fun?... Yes, they are." However, he did make a joke about him being gay, told me that he's been dating a guy hamed Jacob for a couple months. While I don't believe it, I kinda dropped it and quickly changed the subject, because I guess I still have't ruled out the possibility entirely. In that respect, I felt really uneasy, unsure how to respond, fearful, doubt and confusion running rampant. Granted, some of the memories I've had with him shout "straight". To the best of my knowledge, I believe he is. God, that'd be a stab if he wasn't though. However, I'll figure it out in August, if not sooner. He is not coming up here this weekend, and I cannot go down there. So, therefore both of us are a bit disheartened. I really miss him.

In health related news, I think I passed out a couple times at the park. Because I dont remember some parts of it. I know I passed out on my couch when I came home because my brother had to wake me up when he went upstairs and I have no idea how long I was out for. =/ I really have to get to the doctor about this coughing up blood thing too...

I have encountered some titles in my reading recently and now have to add more books to the list of things to read... ugh. I will die before I get a quarter of my list done...expecially now that I'm working two jobs. However... Here are some on the list. Mind you, these are in no particular order.

The Years with Ross - James Thurber

True History of the Kelly Gang - Peter Carey
(apparently he consciously avoided commas throughout the entire book.)

Dude, where's my country. - Michael Moore.
(This one should be interesting.)

The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Cannon - Washington Irving

Angela's Ashes - Frank McCourt

And now, the resounding question of the day...
Why do I absolutely love the tetris theme?
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