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If I Could Be Like That...

Life is a strange and often bitchy thing. Love, some people despise it, but I am merely standing in awe at the power it has over our every day lives. Especially my own. How it envelopes your mind, makes you feel as though you could fly, lifts your heart and lightens your soul. It can be sparked, or remembered by the slightest things. Such as a song...It shatters the faintest trace of doubt, floods the mind with memories and hopes and dreams. The emotional effect is astounding. Sure, people say love hurts when you miss the person later but that isnt loves fault, isnt that loneliness? and when you secretly love someone but they dont know and you dont tell them, that is longing, not loving, the two go hand in hand. As well as with love and loneliness... At some point or another you will miss the person you love. That is inevitable. The old saying of "absense makes the heart grow fonder" holds to be true more than people think. I think i'd know. ` rolls eyes. Love is something i think someday i'll understand, then i'll write a manual.
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