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Rockin' the Grind

So, just got another job today. I start tomorrow, from 5-10 and I don't know how much I'm getting paid or how much I'll be able to work but I'm pretty confident that after this, I will have no life whatsoever. Most of July I'm working 4 days a week at the coffee house already. It's alright though, I'll be making more money, hopefully be able to pay for my first semester of tuition again and then have some bling to get me through with groceries and stuff. I'm glad Brit is working with me too, I noticed some people like Caitlin G and Monika U applied and all I have to say is, "NO, Robert! NOOOOO!!!"

Alyssa's on her way over, then at 4:30 when Carmen get's off work she's going to come over too. I'm really excited for our canoe trip this year, partially and yes I do feel some compunction about this, because Kyia is not coming. Karissa is coming instead but she's so way rockin'! After Brit gets off of work tonight we're all gonna go down the pier and go paddleboating. Or just stick our feet in the water, maybe go for another long walk, who knows. I have to get ahold of Faith too, so if you read this - hun - COME ON AIM FOR A CHANGE! Thank you kindly.

Brit and I stopped in at Apold's house today too. She's having such a tough time leaving Cambridge, you can tell. But I understand why, definitely just the last straw... She's still so cool though. Also, I can't wait for Petersen to have a baby! I'm going to crochet her a baby blanket when she does! :D
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