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So last night at approximately 1:45 am, I freaked out because something shook the entirity of my room and I thought some hoodlum/dangerous fellow was climbing up the little overhang of our stoop to my window or something because that's the most probable and logical cause of such a disturbance and that was also kind of what it felt like...excepting that in retrospect this hoodlum would have had to be King Kong... At any rate, I know that the midwest can, on very very exceedingly rare occasion, have earthquakes. That being said, 'twas a 4.7 on the r-scale, yo. Epicenter somewhere around Chicago. I'm gonna have to talk to Tynan about it, as he was closer to the epicenter than I. Scientifically speaking, the reason they travel so far in the Midwest is because of all the bedrock. And yes, Louis, Sir Black, I was thinking of you and remembering your comments, but as these are so incredibly infrequent and all a 4.7 earthquake does is shake windows and dishes, I think I'm relatively safe... from earthquakes anyway. King Kong could very well still be at large.
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