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Way to go, Aldus!

Today has been a rockin' day. Had a great message-tag/convo with k-sta... let me tell you, she puts the ksta in rockstar. I also hooked up Brittanie with a livejournal, and I'm really excited. So all ya'll should add her to your friends lists like woah. Damn you, Faith, you've got me saying that. Oh, snap! However, I have good news for you...

I got both the Harry Potter DVD's today for 24.99! ROCK!

Yes, I realize I'm a dork. Which is why I had a conversation with Matt tonight about the invention of the semi-colon and the book Eats Shoots & Leaves. It was sweet, cuz I called and he didn't pick up... so I left him a message threatening to kill him if he was avoiding me... and thus he called me and demolished his phone card. :) I guess I'll let him live... I'd be a lotta lost without the kid anyway.
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