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Holy rainbows, Batman!

Wow, bravo MSN, you are now officially completely and utterly retarded. Why do I say this, you ask? This is why. Honestly, I really needn't say more, but I'm going to anyway because I find this quite amusing. As a certified hardcore slacker I see no problem with recycling old work, as long as it is quality work. However, it is often necessary to update the outdated material. That being said, the introductory line "With Valentine's Day approaching..." is mind-bogglingly stupid. The mind reels as to how another person could possibly think that Valentine's day was approaching as we all crusade forward into the lovely month of July, let alone be that the first words the reader will encounter as they begin the first sentence of the "quiz". I have to wonder, is Valentine's Day coming back to haunt us? Is February deciding to now fall directly after June? Did V-Day not get enough attention the first time around? According to MSN apparently it is approaching and in that case break out the roses, candy, kisses, cards, and inform Hershey's and Hallmark, I'm sure they'll be enthralled.
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