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I'm a bad bad girl

Naughty me.! i ran awayyyy!!! And of course i am back now but uhm....i left early sat...and went over to avies house, stayed there. it ROCKED.!!! I DANCED IN A RAINBOW!!! Isnt that neato frito? and i got totally drenched. Then i got to meet Adam, finally after avie raving about him for so long! He's definitely cool. quite nice. I brought him over to my house along with avie and elspa cuz we were kicked outta her momz house...and well that was a riot. but then when they left...i got yelled @ for running away, and for bringing a "strange boy" home the next day. lmao. Adam really isnt all that strange...he's funny but he isnt strange. lol. But i got reemed out anyway, got really mad. I was told that i keep bad company, and that i am a disgrace. i am a rebel, i am immoral and i am completely disrespectful. And i'm like, you dont even know me. cuz he really doesnt. We had a huge "discussion"...which put me in a really crappy mood....this is how i see it...avert your eyes... because i dont like fake people. judging the real, posers without their own style. conformatism sucks, i refuse to. I am not your drone...I wont be your origami. I dont need your approval. So just deal.
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