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Consistant as... g r a v i t y

Yeah... so preparing for these vacations is always so cheery! *cough cough* Seriously... it always begins at 10:00 am... when my dad suddenly can't find some insignificant thing like a flag pin, loses his temper, and then proceeds to blow up at everyone and everything for the rest of the day. It is my mother's accepted roll to be obscenely anal retentive and insist that the underside of the beds in the motorhome need to be vacuumned and every nook and cranny of the house must be cleaned twice so that we know for a fact that we aren't coming home to a messy house. She hasn't been so bad though... I'm surpised too, as she had to be up at 5 to take Adam to his ACTS... he thinks he got a 23... *cough cough* ... His GPA is like 2.5... so... im betting on 19... any other takers? Anyway... I better go get stuff ready before I get my ass chewwed. I still have to call Matt n hopefully hear from Tynan too. I hope his day starts going better... I really wish he wasn't so far away, cuz I hate that he's down there without any friends because he deserves them. God knows, if I was pent up in my house all the time like that I'd go stark raving mad. However, It's packin' time...
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