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Kid A in Alphabet Land

Ohhh man I love you, Matt. You're my hero. :)

This is insanely amusing.

For a bit of background information...
copied from the e-mail Matt sent me... how I thank him for providing me with this lucious tidbit. I do enjoy it so.

If You go here you will find the lyrics on the Green Plastic Webiste to the song Kid A of Radiohead's Kid A cd. Upon further Examination, or Scrutiny or perlustration, you will notice in the description and song information that *verbatim ac litteratim* " The title of the song, "Kid A", may have something to do with a project of Carl Steadman's about the work of Jacques Lacan entitled "Kid A in Alphabet Land."

Jacques Marie Émile Lacan (1901-1981) Jacques Lacan went to medical school, and began studying psychoanalysis in the 1920s with the psychiatrist GaÎtan de Clérambault. He studied at the Faculté de Médecine de Paris, and worked with patients suffering from délires ý deux, or "automatism," a condition in which the patient believes his actions, writing, or speech, are controlled by an outside and omnipotent force. A growing psychoanalytical movement in France had been showing a particular interest in similar patients. Lacan wrote his thesis for his doctorat d'état in 1932 titled De la psychose paranoïaque dans ses rapports avec la personnalité, in which he drew a connection between phsychiatric medicine and psychoanalysis. It was this combination of the theoretical and the clinical that would become Lacan's practice and inform what he would call his "return to Freud." In his lifetime, Lacan extended the field of psychoanalysis into philosophy, linguistics, literature and mathematics, through close readings of Freud and continued clinical practice.

Slavoj Zizek - is a professor at the Institute for Sociology, Ljubljana and at the European Graduate School EGS who uses popular culture to explain the theory of Jacques Lacan and the theory of Jacques Lacan to explain politics and popular culture.

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