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I am ready to pull out my hair. leave my family behind in the dust. everything they do destroys me a little more and they just keep on like it doesnt mean anything to them if i keep getting beat down and shit. Well here is the typical teenage response... FUCK YOU! Yes, that sums it up quite adequately unless i feel like expounding. fuck you fuck you fuck you.! As chester says, SHUT UP!!! I need a little room to breathe! I want to run away and you know what? im going to because i dont need to put it with a weekend of hell!! This whole week sucked. absolutely downright sucked. Cuz of fat stalker bastard, but him i can take care brother being a total asshole all week. stealing my shit and locking the computer and messing with my files and trying to read my journals and ` flicks bird. Me cleaning up after him all the time or else i get chewwing me out anyway! then getting in about 3 fights with adam...then coming down and yelling at me cuz i didnt throw myself at the laundry the second the buzzer went off...made me interrupt my friend kyia was over which makes it all better....she got in another fight with my brother...went to do the bills and proceeded to get totally smashed. yes while my friend was here. so proud of my mom...2 glasses of wine, a wine cooler and 2 smirnov ices will do it to ya. She's gone up visiting her mom. leaving me here with my father and my brother, and whenever i am here with them, its torture. me being the only female .... i am left to clean EVERYTHING and cook for them and listen to them bitch! well guess what...not this time. i'm booking it out of here. guess where? to the place you wouldnt let me go even though the ride was there, the people were there, i was invited, no one gives a flying fuck that its 11:30 just let me go and have a life.! yeah thats where i'm going...see you whenever the hell i feel like coming back.
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