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Cinnamon Hazelnut Stylee (Effect 32)

My dream last night was really friggen weird. Probably because I fell asleep to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I bought that book for 4 bucks the other day. I figure maybe once Faith and I finish the everworld series and the hitchhikers guide we may want to read it. At any rate, in my opinion it is a standard and everyone should own it. Well, unless you're catholic. Then they might get upset and try to ban it, but hey, maybe that's more the reason they should own it. I might be on to something here...

So... last night I was walking around until about 4 am. And I am seriously considering avoiding all my friends from cambridge... and just devoting this summer to working non-stop, reading, crocheting, and talking to the Matthew. Tynan said he'd probably be able to come up to visit a few times and that would be marvelous. I can't wait until vacation time. 9 days away. Maybe I need to just grow some balls and tell them all, " hey, I dont mind being your friend but I'm neither your psychologist nor your doctor, and I have my own social life to manage, I dont need to deal with the four of yours. " Somehow, I dont think I could live with myself after that... I'd feel like a bastard. The other part of me tells me it wouldn't do a damn bit of good either way. So, I'll just do what Matt and I have always done... hide for awhile, recoop and then give it another go.

Speaking of that kid, I hope he wont be angry with me for going to see Harry Potter without him first... I don't think he will... My mom is taking all of us tonight at 9 after I get off of work... I'll gladly watch it again with him. Love Harry Potter. Love Matt. Good combo. Plus, I think he went to the first one without me before we went... so hah! I'm really thankful for him. He helped me a lot last night, said some words that will brighten my days for the next week. Plus he is letting me hold onto his CDs and listen to them at my leisure until I visit him or he can come up here. It's great because Analogue Worms Attack by Mr. Oizo is a wholly remarkable album. I gotta find a way to get down there... However, I gotta get ready to go to work. I think I'm going to bring this CD with me and just play it in the background. Or at least when I'm closing. I think Virlo is coming in to help me and that'll be much appreciated. She's a sweetheart. The one co-worker I like. If Jenn calls me one more time to try to get me to work for her, I am going to kick her in the face. That being said, I'm going to go shower.
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