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Faith has opened my eyes...

I, for some reason, enjoy watching the Price is Right, it makes me feel better about myself because I would like to think that I wouldn't act like a psychopath, running around, screaming and jumping if I got chosen to stand behind those crappy 70's podiums and bid on things I will inevitably just sell. Plus, Bob Barker is stuttering and it's hilarious... and he has alzhiemers. "We have people who are 48 on this show who act like grandchildren, let alone are granddads. Now what is your bid on that item which I have already forgotten." Anyway... faithlynn has exposed me to the world of Google-isms So I am going to post some of the gems I found when typing in my own name.

1. Shelby is a dream come true

2. Shelby is scheduled to appear on fox news.

3. Shelby is able to effectively oversee and provide funding for our nation's defense and military infrastructure

4. Shelby is most affluent

5. Shelby is much more advanced then furby and can speak 70% more words than furby

6. Shelby is approximately 696

7. Shelby is eager to please and loves to cuddle

8. Shelby is now being called the "miracle child".

That's right.
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