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Quick Recap

I'm far to tired to write anything of substance. So I'll posta short overview, in chronological order.

1. Didn't sleep

2. Cursed alarm at 4:00 AM.

3. Went to work.

4. Cursed work.

5. Walked and bought some exceedingly delicious soup from the bakery.

6. Had a wonderful 20 minute conversation with an elderly woman I had never met before.

7. Was interrupted from attempted nap by Kyia @ 10:30.

8. 2:00... Kyia is still here despite efforts to kill her.

9. Watched Harry Potter and Into the Woods to ignore Kyia's presence.

10. Parents came home and decided it was "family discussion time."

11. Incoherant screaming.

12. Playing mediator.

13. Didn't call kyia back.

14. Vented to Faith. Love faith.

15. Called Matt. Laughed.

16. "Well honey, you really need to get some sleep. But talking tomorrow would be wonderful, so go get some rest. I love you."

17. Typing this while barely cognizant.

The Forcast being...

18. SLEEP!
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