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Ambition makes you look pretty ugly...

" When I am king you will be fast against the wall ... "

Oh man, I had almost forgotten how much I love Radiohead... Flashbacks of that concert, holy amazing religious epiphany type feeling. Ok Computer is one of my top 10 all time favourite albums. Strung out on Ok Computer is also totally amazing. I love all my music... and days like this I think I happen to have a thoroughly amazing collection, and yet... I also know that I need more and in the future I will be flipping through my cd binder and nothing will be exactly what I want and this feeling of having attained musical perfection will have evaporated... temporarily.

Hung out with Doug yesterday, we watched all three Austin Powers movies. Welcome to Cambridge, folks... this is what we do with our Memorial day. Ugh. It's alright though, we talked through most of the movies and I got a lot of crocheting done on my mom's blanket. I've temporarily given up on my g'ma and g'pa's blanket for now because well... it wont be done in time, or anywhere in the near future. Plus, I have to wait until I can go into see my other G'ma to figure out how the hell to connect all those little squares together. I tried willing them together... but it did not work.

On a fantastic note... I have sucessfully avoided Carmen, Kyia and Alyssa for about three days. I also got to hang out with Cody and Shane... that was kind of an accident but still way cool. Cody and I are still really good friends without it being weird which is cool... I'm really comfortable with him, probably some wierd chemical acceptance of one another. It worries though, he told me that since I left and since he's been in his band he's been getting drunk just about every weekend... that really brings me down because he's such a wonderful person and I know it's not my place to try and make him stop, but I don't want anything to happen to him. Shane is leaving in like ... 6 days too. John C is leaving in 9. Ugh.. Dammit! Matt and I have been talking every day again, he seems a lot happier since he switched rooms... and he really has been enjoying my letters. Our conversations have been hilarious, and the highlight of my days. For example...

Me: Well I was interviewed by this Aflac guy...
Matt: Dude, you should have just quacked "aflac" after every question. Seriously.. just... "what are your plans this summer" and you go "Aflac"
Me: But then he'll think I'm really interested!
Matt: Yeah but then he'll get the point that you're just psychotic when you start getting more excited and start screaming Aflac, not even waiting for his sentences to end. And just... keep doing that until he walks away. But follow him... *laughs* and just keep getting louder...
Me: And for a finale, I could follow him out into the road and fall to my knees and scream "AFLAC!!!" to the heavens in a pained, gutwrenching, desperate scream. Get up, brush my knees off and walk away like nothing happened.
Matt: Exactly. And that would sucessfully save you from employment at ... "AFLAC!"

Or... this beauty.

[in response to the fact that I never really got to know Hanna before she left]
Me: Well I just was never really around her. Never had the opportunity to just chill and shit.
Matt:You could have called her.
Me: Yeah, cuz that's not weird. I'm not gonna call up some girl I don't really know.
Matt: C'mon, I would have done it. You could have called her up and asked her if she has a dorsel fin.
Me: Yeah, cuz that's not at all psychotic.
Matt: laughs Hey, I do it all the time. "Pardon me, do you have a dorsel fin?" laughs
Me: Well... that explains a lot.
Matt: Shut up! Your so damn... uxorial.
Me: Wha?
Matt: Wifelike...
Me: What does that have to do with anything, let alone dorsel fins?
Matt: It means you're my wife, bitch! Aha hahaa.

That's right. He lurvs me. Or better. haha.. "Loves and kisses... XOXO.. or XXX. Haha!" - Matt

That's it sir,
You're leaving.
The crackle of pigskin,
The dust and the screaming,
The yuppies networking,
The panic, the vomit,
The panic, the vomit,
God loves his children.
God lives his children, yeah.
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