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Now I remember!

I love band! and i remember why! i can be me there!! Band camp RULED! all these quivering freshman. lmao. it was great. tomorrow though i have to go, and i have to be taught. blahhhhhh. thats k i am still allowed to goof off just cuz i'm a trumpet player and i'm me.!! hah, i'm the lead trumpet player out of our school. Big mistake on Becky's part. lmao. Im a coo coo bando nut.! or something...i love marching. This year we are doing queen! we bought our whole show. so its fantastic!!! well for 800 smackers it oughta be! Dammit that show is worth more than I am.!! `indignant well PIFF.! they can just stick it in their back pocket, cuz i'm cuter. lmao. now i'm babbling. I am starting to get the really big honking butterflies that when i think of ian. =] wheeee.! my sexy boy.! Fuck the rumors that fly, they have one half of it, saying he's doint this he's doing this and i am doing...jack shit cuz i dont listen to that. What? She hears them and just sits there?!?! yep! In fact! i dont even hear them! =D so i'm blissfully unaware....and content. =] in fact, i'm feeling strangely fine. =]
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