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biased media pisses me off.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm going into Journalism when I read the absolute shite that is out there. I hate biased journalism that is supposed to be non-partison and is presented as such, but covertly is extremely biased. I hate that they are teaching us how to do it at the University, while trying to subtly stick some of their own opinions in our brain. I hate that a lot of people, for example all the hapless sheep from Cambridge, buy into it and latch on as if it's gotta be the only truth. As if people are honest anymore these days... Anyway, on to my main point of disconcertion...

I used to respect Michael Moore. I really enjoyed his documentary, Bowling for Columbine and was really glad that he investigated things in so many different ways, showing a lot of different aspects of the argument. I was thoroughly disgusted when he went into Charlton Heston's house, mind you I'm not remotely a fan of the Charlton, and was harsh, rude, and intrusive. Apparently, that aspect of his character coupled by his ego - which he will choke upon one day - has led him to Fahrenheit 9/11. I knew before that he is extremely biased politically, but I gave him credit for pointing the camera at what people didn't want to see but needed to, what has been swept under the rug so to speak. Yet, after reading reviews on this new documentary, I thoroughly believe that he has progressed into nothing more than an apocryphal polemicist. I would like to reiterate, that yes, I loathe and scathe every aspect of war. I'd like to believe that people have developed past mudering each others' children to resolve their disputes. However one must admit that idealism doesn't get anything solved, pragmatism is key. We are at war and people are dying. So many people are so completely ungrateful. They spend their time whining and crying and apologizing, begging the Iraqis for forgiveness for what a handfull of idiots did to their prisoners. Mind you, this "prisoner abuse scandal" occured in January and was rectified promptly, 2 days after the military officials were informed. Yes, it was wrong. Yes the military acknowledges that and is punishing the perpetrators and does not condone that type of behavior. No, it should not be all over the news. Finally, in no way should that be any part of a reason to withdraw from Iraq.

Now, I would like to reiterate this point because it's very important, and many people seem to overlook this very key fact. We are at war. War is ugly. It's not a bunch of guys going over seas to have an arm-wrestling contest, or to insult each other and throw rocks at each other from across the road, occasionally getting in a bar fight when someone insults the other's mother. People are dying so that we can sit back here, and whine and cry and complain about how we shouldn't be over there and "America the Terrible" is messing things up again. All over everything you hear skepticism. Where are the weapons of mass distruction? I, admit, I was startled to find out they have found several casings of mustard gas, large quantities of cyanide in the rivers, and most recently, large buried quantities of botulinum toxins which literally gives thousands of people botulism, and most deadly, compressed liquid forms of concentrated chloropicrin gas and Sarin Nerve Gas. If, and I doubt many people are aware of what chloropicrin is or does, I will write it out to prove how disgusting it is. It was used as an insecticide at one point, however it has been discovered that 1 milligram of the gas within a one meter area is toxic. It absorbs itself through the skin, goes in through the lungs, it will sting and burn eyes and skin immediately, but the kicker is that it works as a poison via respiration. Though some of the symptoms after a mere 15 minutes with this gas can be blindness, muscle spasms, etc... and unless extreme medical treatment or swift evacuation is engaged, it will eventually lead to cardiac arrest and respiratory failure over long painful span of 2 weeks. Now, take that information and compare it to the gallon of Serin Gas they found in one IED [improvised explosive device], that was inside an artillery shell. The way in which this gas works is insidious. The effects are immediate, there is no chance of escape. It is colorless, odorless, and a lethal dose is .5 milligram for an adult. It is 26 times more deadly than cyanide. It gets into your lungs, and you can breathe in, large deep breaths, but it will not let you breathe out. People literally suffocate, like a gasping fish out of water. That singular gallon could have killed at the minimum, depending on the target, 80,000 people.

So, reluctantly I have to admit that we have been doing some good over there. 80,000 people are now no longer at risk from a severely unpleasant demise. And while I deeply wish that we were not over there, didn't need to be, didn't need to hear about death and suffering and war updates... at this point, that option is obsolete. There is no quick fix. I, for one, am also very thankful to all those soldiers who have died to make sure that I can sit at home and write this, without any fear of being shot, captured, or killed. Michael Moore's documentary focused on soldiers saying things like, "he has us over here for no reason.", "Republicans conduct business in a very dishonest way" and all I have to say is what the flying fuck? What, does a particular party have to do with anything? The entire country is involved whether they oppose it or not. More than just Republicans vote, kiddo. Granted, soldiers are going to be angry at their predicament, I would be too, I'd be scared as hell... but we never hear the other side of the argument either. The man who was captured and escaped and is willing to go right back. The video footage of troops being presented with gifts from the Iraqi people. I've seen it, and it saddens me to say that it's hard to find. Not because it's scarce, because there is a lot of it and it isn't being shown. All we hear about is the prisoner abuse scandal, how many people are dying, and the most absurd of all, the debate over whether we should show coffins of the deceased soldiers who gave their lives for us, and have their names read off in tribute, or simply settle for showing their mangled corpses on television.

I just read an article this morning saying that the Iraqi resistance, which is mind you, not the majority of the population, has given up another city. We are winning the war. Yet, everyone in this country wants it done at the end of the show. I've heard people say that, "this war has gone on too long, it needs to just be over with." Sorry folks, doesn't exactly work that way, not unless you want to leave everything over there in complete disarray. People have literally said, verbatim and I heard this news clip I don't know where, "Arabs can't run a democracy!" Wow. Try saying that but substituting black people, or hispanics, and watch the lawsuits pile up. It will be interesting to see how Iraq developes after we leave with the rival muslim groups, perhaps there needs to be separate nation states, and these ideas are all being taken into account, but they'll never be discussed on the news. Instead, we focus on the prisoner abuse scandal. Michael Moore includes footage in his documentary. No doubt, people will be outraged. I, myself, am disgusted. However, I am more disgusted at the people who are enveloped and irate over this scandal. This is war, fellas. The army courtmarshalls some 3,500 people per year. Seems like a lot, and yet there are more arrests than that in Madison, Wisconsin per year - a city with an extremely low crime rate. Skewwed statistics are disturbing. I am also disturbed that people are actually more angered by seeing naked men piled on top of each other, or men with bags over their heads, than seeing - and this was on the news - an american soldier without a head period. People will argue that with all the bad things America has done, we don't have the right to be over there. That's too stupid for me to even argue. "Yeah, well... you know we um... screwwed up with the Indians and stuff so we really dont have any place helping anyone ever again." However, some people avidly believe that, but hey, everyone screws up sometimes. Yet, the flipside that isn't shown... there aren't going to be any more mass graves left by Saddam. 80,000 people were saved from an excrutiating death from asphixiation, that's roughly 24 times the loss we suffered at 9/11. Despite that I am a pacifist, and I hate war, I believe that we have accomplished some good things here. Plus, there is no quick fix, so fight for what you believe in, but at least do it while acknowledging the reality of the situation.
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