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Technology, I challenge thee to a ... suitible lunch.

Woke up at 4:00 am today. Sun hadn't even come out. I was at work at 5:15... when it got a little brighter... I just got home, I'm hungry as hell... and ... no one has gone grocery shopping. I swear... these people are trying to kill me. I am a hypoglycemic! I literally need to eat at intervals or else I will die. That being said... I move onto the next topic. I would hate to die before I get the chance to bitch about it.

Alright people, we all know gas prices are a bitch. Because of them I don't get to see my friends nearly as much... because of them we're all not getting so much out of our paychecks... but honestly, is opening up the "strategic reserves" for a measly 60 million barrels going to do anything? No. And here's why. A) Americans go through roughly 3 millions of gallons a day. "Oh, that's a lot." Haha... imagine, a full bathtub... which generally holds 50 gallons. To get just one million you would need 20,000 full bathtubs. That's just to illustrate our gluttony... I live in a town where all the soccer moms and crazy yuppie weirdos drive massive cadillac SUVs, Suburbans, there are even a few I-get-11-miles-to-the-gallon-because-i'm-a-wasteful-heathen Hummers. Anyway... back on topic... B) these yuppies with their SUVs, they will not, under any circumstance, consider getting a different, more fuel efficient car. The oil wells could be dry as the sahara and they would cling to the steering wheel with a death grip. Therefore... we now have gluttony and sheer obstinance weighing us down. Now, the third and final point, is thus C) People are fucking stupid. Even if we did open up the Strategic Oil Reserves, we do not have the refining capacity, to refine it. Almost all of our oil refineries are completely obsolete. If they aren't, they are running at full bore already... therefore... it's a moot issue! What, are we going to outsource our refineries? Hahahahaha... no. Anyway... I'm done.
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