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I'm not feeling alright today...

Literally. I feel really achey and sick. :( I'm supposed to go into work tonight and play catch-up with Brytne and I really don't want to. I just wanna be whiney and miserable! No... I don't. I do, however, want this cloud coverage go go away. I'm looking forward to visiting my old E-span teacher. She rules... but I feel like I've outgrown this area. I've spent too much time here, bled it dry, there's nothing here for me except a crappy job that pays 7 dollars an hour that I hate. Other than that... I like the lake and my back-yard. [insert ostentatious and entirely overzealous smile here] Awesome.

I was bitten by a spider last night. My hatred for all arachnids has been rekindled... this thing itches like crazy. I wonder if I could whip up some house-hold cure. Go out and boil a dandilion or something. where in the hell did that come from?

Shane says that hearing from me brightens his days. It seems that he doesn't normally get calls from people that he can converse with and simultaneously get lost on a bizarre tangent concerning the whereabouts of the salt. Our theory was quite complex, however when the salt ended up being located in the bathroom, it blew the whole postulate clear out of the water. Apparently I cheer the kid, which brings me joy. I know he's been pretty miserable as of late, and I was suprised to find that he didn't know that matt was forced into the air force by his parents.. I thought that would be one of the first things Matt would have told him. *shrug* I still don't understand the communication rift between them. I think when I get my first paycheck I'll take ten dollars of it and just buy him a freakin' phone card so he can call Matt and Hanna. He keeps telling me that he wants to call Hanna but I understand that he can't. He can't be at his mom's much, and when he's there he is kind of obligated to not just go and use the phone, plus the time difference makes things really difficult with him only being able to be there until 8 and having a job that keeps him until midnight. It's an injustice really, they both want to talk to each other so badly... fate is a sadist. At any rate, it is imperative that I hang out with him soon, this sitting at home in Cambridge is bad business and driving me out of my skull. Especially since this is where people, like brytne, can find me. Ehhh. Must... hide...
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