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Feelin' strangely fine...

Ahh... so tired. I still feel good though, almost accomplished though I still must admit I didn't do much today that was incredibly productive. I brushed my dog twice, and I think that another dog is lost somewhere inside the hairballs that are now littering our yard. I'm suprised she still has fur. She's so cute though. We were laying on the grass in the sunlight and I was crocheting and she was rolling on her back, bumping into me and making snarf noises to get my attention. So we played fetch and keep away and at the end of it all we went back inside and we sat on the couch reading the paper and she fell asleep with her head on my lap. She's ever so adorable.

I called a lot of people today, trying to make sure I dont make a habit of this... staying at home and doing nothing thing. Granted, I did clean up my room some more, made dinner, cleaned up, baked some more rhubarb bars - and yes they are already gone - as well as helped my brother study for spanish and crochet 5 squares... but none of that is really.. substantial I guess. Purely nominal. I feel like a house-wife though. Cooking and cleaning, playing with the dog, reading the paper and crocheting. EW! I did get ahold of Shane though, he seems in a bit of a pickle. However, hopefully on Friday, when he gets paid he's going to come out here and we're going to chill and it will be fun fun fun till her daddy took the t-bird awayyyyy. Sorry... oldies moment. It's weird though, apparently matt hasn't called him or anyone else. I dont understand why. Maybe I'll find out, but Matt's pretty miserable himself right now and I dont want to pick at any wounds. I love that kid. I start work on Friday and then I'll save money and go see him and all will be well. I've been having dreams about it. *swoon*

On the graver side of things... brytne called me today... wanted me to go to frosty freeze with her. I dont know what to do, because I find myself wanting to avoid all these people for the most part. However, I have to go in to work tomorrow so that they can introduce me to the updates and things I've missed... no doubt all the coffee-house drama. Kill me now. No, no that's not the proper response... Kill them now. Ah.. much better. Anyway, I'm tired as hell... thus, off to read a bed-time story of Sherlock Holmes after doing my Physical Therapy. Wheeee!!!
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