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It feels like reckless driving when we're talking..

I made rhubarb bars... and you know what that means. Holy delicious mother of baking goodness! I made a pan last night and they didn't last for more than 20 minutes... so I made another pan because we have three massive bushes of rhubarb... and oh man, these things are magical. I missed cooking, I have a feeling that this will quickly get out of hand. Especially when Carmen, Alyssa, or someone who knows all too well the extent of the magnificence of the rhubarb bars discovers that these bars are once again in existance... they will eaten up faster than a singular jelly donut in the middle of a cop convention. It will be pandemonium.

I think I have determined that I really don't like The New York Times anymore. Through reading their articles it seems more and more apparent that they are really just a covert muckraking organization. Not to mention the fact that they cover the same goddamn stories for weeks on end... honestly people. You're journalists, go find something else to write about. There's plenty. Write about my rhubarb bars if you have to... about the mass hysteria that will ensue once word gets out... that'll make for an interesting read.

I freakin' love the song Secrets 4 Sale, by kid 606. That man rocks my socks off. Electronica owns me. I got a bunch of CDs to pick up for Matt, I need to go to Strictly Disks myself and get myself some new music once I get some bling. He has called me twice a day since I got home... it's so sweet. He hasn't called shane at all which kind of makes me wonder, but he says he appreciates everything I've done for him, even if it is just listening to him bitch about being in the airforce, that I actually can make him feel happy and like it'll be alright. *swoon* So off to Strictly Disks I go! To buy fantastic music! Not much though, I need to save, and budget... and be pissed about the fact that gas is 2 dollars a gallon. That will severely hamper my social life as all of my really good friends live farther away from me. Oh well... gotta go job hunting tomorrow. Wheeee. Or not...
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