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when it's all said and done...

It is cold as cold can be in my room today. Polar opposites from the climate a couple of days ago... is there no such thing as balance? Also, I would like to remind you, Minnesota, that it is, in fact, May. That would be the fifth month of the year... don't be humid, don't be cold... be spring and 70s... get it straight! Then again... what do I care? I'm leaving here tomorrow. Might as well have miserable weather, maybe then it wont be so hard to leave. Ha. Ha. Hah. *cough*

Everything except for my printer, desk lamp, computer & speakers, alarm clock, movies/video game stuff and bed sheets is packed. This is excrutiating. Makes me wish I would have waited until the last minute, that way I could at least enjoy relative comfort up until the last minute. I took down my posters and everything, this room seems so skeletal it makes the cold seem that much more potent. Everything seems so stagnant. It's incredibly disconcerting.

I went out to eat with Tynan at Annie's Parlor for the last time this year. I'm really gonna miss that kid. He's been a great friend to me this year. I don't know what I'd have done without him. In all honesty, I'd probably be dead, what with how sick I was during certain parts of the year. I'm so grateful to him, and now he's going to be stuck down in Illinois with only his two jobs, his sisters that seem to like to make him the brunt of every joke, and that's pretty much it. He's such a great guy, and I think what I'm feeling is similar to pity because he doesn't have any solid best friends that have been there with him for years, know him through and through. He deserves one, hell, two or three. I hope things go well with him and Levi rooming next year... maybe he'll get closer to Dom and Nate too. I hope he knows that I'm always here, I think he does. I know we'll stay in contact over summer... we did over winter and spring break. Tonight's dinner was really fun and we had a lot of good conversations. He told me I might be able to visit him this summer if shit starts going downhill with my family or I just need an escape... I might just have to take him up on that.

I haven't got ahold of neither Matt nor Shane. I'm really kind of upset about that. I want to take to Matt because he'd make me feel better about all this crap. Talking to him always makes things better... his voice is just soothing. Shane... what to say about shane? He doesn't pick up his phone for some unknown reason... I'm beginning to think he's avoiding me but I know better. Plus, he knows that I'll just show up at his house looking for him... and I will find him. I know all of his haunts. Chillin' with Billium will be cool. Maybe he can teach me some guitar stuff. Jay left today, and gave me a CD of him playing guitar and stuff... he's so talented. Headin' on to Berkley next year... that's amazing. I hope I can see him over the summer too. He's only an hour away. I'm supposed to watch Trainspotting with Kevin in about 20 minutes... but I'm not too stoked about it... because I've heard from two people that it sucks. We'll see. Maybe i'll post a review.

I was thinking again today... how I told myself that I would give girls a chance, try to be friends with more of them, be more open minded. Well, judging by the fact that all of the friends mentioned in this post are male... and I really only get along with 6 or 7 girls... I must just be a freak. Either that or, the more likely, I just have no tolerance for superficial giggly crap. It makes me feel judgemental and I don't like that, because I'd like to believe that I'm not. I'd like to believe that I give everyone a shot, and then decide whether or not I hate them. *wink* Maybe I'm just normal with my own preferences, likes and dislikes. I just like guys better, less bullshit, straight to the point, no drama, just looking for fun, a good time... waaaaaaaaay more relaxed and laid back. No mind games if there is a conflict, just straight up conversation and conflict resolution. Must be the tomboy in me... Never grew up with a doll... hated make-up, dresses, and the color pink. I also hate stupid platform shoes. Hello, Mr. Munster, how are you? Honestly, it doesn't make you taller, it makes you clunky and looks completely bizarre. Personal opinion of course.

CRAP! I forgot to have Faith send me more Michael Buble! I guess I'll have to get it next year. At least I can look forward to living with her next year, that'll be way cool. Other than that... God damn you half japanese girls, you do it to me every time ... hahaha.

" I'm a lot like you so please, hello. I'm here, I'm waiting. I think I'd be good for you, and you'd be good for me. " - =w=
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