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The mind strikes back...

I fuckin' hate emo. Anyway, I would like to state that today I am completely miserable. I feel isolated, I feel doomed in regards to the summer, I feel too tired to deal. I dont want to put up with the drama, I dont want to remember Mrs. Nodolf right now, I dont want to deal with Kari and Shawn and the coffee house, I dont want to deal with my brother. I need a hug, I need to cry, I need to stop keeping this shit inside until it brings me down. Shane is being such a douchebag right now too... he keeps telling me to call back every half hour, that something else went wrong. Well fuck it, ill call him at 11 at the appartment and if he isn't there I guess it's his goddamn loss. I hope I can get ahold of Matt, maybe he'll help me forget for awhile.

I need to cry but I can't.

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