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All in the same day... imagine that.

And then it hits me... the reasons I dont want to go back. I don't want to have to put up with stupid bitches hurting my boys... my close friends that are stupid enough to give their hearts away to stupid fucking girls who tell seamless lies. Girls that I once defended, one I used to call my best friend, used to think myself similar to. How many boyfriends do you go through in a week now? How many times do you lie, how many times do you cheat? Honestly, how many different people do you need to fuck to be satisfied? How many times do you need to throw around the word love and bastardize it? When will you be satisfied? You wouldn't fucking know love if it punch-fucked you. No, we have nothing in common anymore. I dont even know you and frankly I'm glad. You're a disgrace of a human being and a terrible, cruel, selfish person. Honestly, I think you get a rush from manipulating people and watching them squirm. Oh, and by the way, finally starting to listen to the Sneaker Pimps doesn't make you underground, and it doesn't mean that we share musical tastes or that we can start over. We have nothing in common anymore, you and I are a world apart and that's still not far enough. I wonder if your current boyfriend knows you've already cheated... within what, a day? Congratulations, your previous record was two days and you somehow managed to slim it down. Congratulations, from descending from one of my best friends who I stuck up for, defended, bent over backwards for... into a selfish, superficial, cum-guzzling whore. I hope you're satisfied. I no longer feel guilty for drifting apart, it grants me freedom from potential shame and embarassment that would follow from being remotely associated with you. In short, fuck off, because I dont ever want to see or hear from you again.

Maybe this is just the wrong time, maybe I'm just really upset about Mrs. Nodolf and all the other shit... but the fuck off stands, and stay the fuck away from my friends.
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