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Mobiles working, mobiles chirping...

Didn't get ahold of Matt today. A little melancholy, I miss the kid, but I know he loves me and that remedies it all. Plus, I trust we'll talk really soon. I gotta call Shane sometime... make sure he's still a-ok. I'm glad that simply talking to Matt puts the both of us in an infinitely better mood. Wheee.

I was going to post this earlier, when we moved our room around... but god it feels so weird. Setting in that in 4 days I'll be gone... back home. I'll never see half of these people again. I don't know how I feel about that. It's so close, so fast... I am so glad I'm living with Faith again next year... I'm going to miss Annie but I think it's better for her to stay down there, especially with her new beau. I'm so glad that things are going better for her, I can't wait to see her again. I just can't believe the year is over. Not much I can do about it... except pack. And I dont wanna! *pouts*

So I'm sunburnt. It's odd because I don't think I was out that much. I also have two finals tomorrow and I find myself really not caring. This apathy is bit troublesome... however... I don't care. I just wanna play on my pan-pipes and crochet on my pier and go swimming. I wouldn't object to wine drinking either. I really need to study geography though... that final is totally going to kick my ass.

I find myself missing a select few of my friends from back home. Almost looking forward to going back now... not quite there yet. My brother is apparently being a royal douchebag... which isn't anything new it's just something I haven't had to deal with for a good oh... year. I feel really weird right now... I dont know what I feel. Just really odd... and I can't focus for shit. Oh... I think I may have the solution... Video Games!!!
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