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livejournal is a poo!

i dont know what is wrong with them but i have done the italics and bold correctly through the entire entry but it just went gung ho and decided...LETS DO IT ALL! maybe it'll correct itself... ` shrug. Today was a great 'ol day. i got the neatest pair of pants. They are cords, but they are patch n fray stuff, so the cords go in all different angles. THEY RAWK MY SAWKS! and i got my long wanted black duster. the traditional black. gotta love it. but i would wear PINK [ewwwwwwwww] for ian.! if he wanted me too. Speaking of which, my confidence has returned. =] I turned on the radio today, after asking myself how he can love me and practically believing he couldnt and doesnt and then i turn on the radio in the car, and lucky # 7 on the countdown, out of nowhere, was Be Like That. I giggled. I havent giggled, in a long time. Generally, i dont giggle! I giggled. This is great.
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