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Don't patronize me...

The skin on my thumbs and fingers is peeling. That is unacceptable. 1) It's gross. 2) It hurts like a mofo. 3) It can't be solved quickly. 4) It severely inhibits my guitar playing potential. 5) I have to practice guitar, fuck.

However, I have come to a conclusion. I like concluding. Anyway, I've been listening to most of my music via Windows Media Player because it has a "Shuffle Function". However, the problem with this is that it often isn't random and plays the same sets that it has played previously. Therefore, I have concluded that Windows is a cheap bastard and that shuffle, though implying random-ness, is therefore an antideliuvian program that simply skips about 13 songs every time a song finishes and occasionally will hop back 2 (from what I've figured, every 5 jumps of 13 it jumps back 2). In conclusion, Windows is lazy, Shuffle is not random, and I am dissatisfied and might register a complaint. But I doubt it.

Last Day of Classes! Oddly enough, I find myself wanting to go to every class *except* Geography! How strange, bizarre, quirky. What? She wants to avoid the evil rat bastard psychotic nazi TA? Hmmmm? Indeed, Today signifies the end.... the end of Poetry. No more pouring out my soul for the masses except at my own leisure and for my own enjoyment. No more E-SPan, and sadly no more Jack. Unless out of some freak incident I end up talking to him and Mike today, and proceed to ask them if they want to study/watch office space with nichole and dawn and I. No more fooling around in class with Nichole. It's almost depressing, the end of so many good things and yet I feel they are complete and am comfortable parting with them. The only thing holding me back is nostalgia. It amazes me that my first year of college is over. It seems like I've only been here a few months. In reality I suppose that's all it's been, but it seems so short. Time flies when you're having fun I guess. Unless there is something wrong with TIME ITSELF! This semester was in fast forward mode. The weeks seemed to be condensed into 2 day periods. It was probably the vast improvement from rooming with a neurotic to rooming with Faith, who rocks my socks. I'm glad we're rooming together next year... We can continue this rediculous madness. Not to mention our slow but steady progressions into madness and linguistic ambiguity! However, I believe that will be counteracted by our studies and we may retain a minimal level of professionism and a fair amount of sharp, sinister wit. It's just weird thinking that in one week, I will have to pack all this up, somehow fit it in my dad's truck... and go home for 3 months. *shudders* Freaky...
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