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Just let your worries slide, baby...

Jazz balls my rocks off... which is impressive as I don't have balls. Or rocks for that matter. I do have a monumental pain in my ass hovering over my head... That being that the dorm requires us to unbunk our beds either tomorrow or saturday instead of when we leave... which would be far more logical and easier... since at that point we'd have all our shit out of the room, would not feel suffocated and cramped afterwards, and there'd be plenty space to move without breaking posessions or people. I think that this instiution of higher learning is void of common sense... just like that annoying girl in highschool that was for some reason valedictorian even though she was so blonde she certain knock-knock jokes bewildered her... book smart.... common sense? Not so much. Now... for the sake of my enjoyment, let's do a compare and contrast. Perhaps even have a jolly discussion!

As it stands, we are to unbunk our beds and return the pins and the "safety rail" between one of the following time frames: Thursday 6-8 or Saturday 2-5. Mind you, this is dorm wide. 12 floors, each with some 40 people, and then another 4 floors of about 50 people from the new edition... all trying to return their stuff during these two small and very specific time windows. Can we say... traffic jam? It is also concievable that as most of us are from Wisconsin or other far off region of the Midwest, that it will be quite difficult to condense all the other stuff in the room to make room for another extra long twin sized bed on the floor. Things like, refridgerators, for example, televisions, massive wooden desks that could be lobbed out the window, land on the ground, and still not break as they are carved out of a solid redwood. Honestly, University... what are you thinking? The results, during the returning of the items there will be much rudeness for people will be extremely disgruntled as their rooms which may have had a vague sort of organization are now completely dismantled and sprawled halfway down the hallway, it is finals week, a time of much angst and anger, and we are all left with a cramped room in complete disarray. YAY!

And I propose....

We have a rather large "community room". We have a large amount of residents. We also know that said residents, due to different finals schedules, are leaving at different times. We also know that residents have the capability of dismantling lofts and such by themselves. Therefore, logically, taking advantage of the fact that everyone will be leaving at different, dispersed times... when they check out they should bring down their loft materials, have their CA - who needs to be there anyway, check that out, they put the loft/bunking materials in the community room in an organized fashion, turn in their keys, and away they go. This way, it would be easier for students to move out as they no longer have to fight with two extra large twin sized beds as they are trying - and probably failing - to move massive things like refridgerators out the door...

Can I get an amen, somebody? Are you with me on this, team? As for us... we're going to wait until saturday, pack up our bookshelves, try to move the fridge, take down our beds, and then bitch quietly *because it's 22 hour quiet time period* for the entire returning process. Woo hoo!

However, I called the Shanester yesterday and we had a good long talk. I think the secret is calling him at like 11:30... because then he knows it's for him and will actually pick up the phone... anyway... we had a marvelous chat. It was fantastic... there were laughs, we talked about the good times, talked about the bad times (drank a whiskey drink, drank a vodka drink... NO! Chumbawumba = Satan) had many hearty chuckles. Made me feel better to cheer the 'ol guy... he's such an adorable character. I haven't heard from Matt yet though... that leaves me with about a oh... 4 days since our last conversation and that saddens me. However, there will be conversations in the future... there will also be cleaning... *hint hint*
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