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R.I.P. Hubert Selby Jr...

It's quite sad... the author of Requiem for a Dream and other such delightful books, Hubert Selby Jr, has passed on and requires his own requiem. I feel compelled to read all of his books as a tribute to this great man. He will be missed. However, the wonderful thing about writing, is that it is eternal, and with that little wad of hope, I will move on to the next paragraph.

I must, regrettably, do some work tonight. On the bright side, none if it is exceptionally strenuous... merely tedious, as work tends to be. I must summarize my debate stance into a two minute something or other *in spanish*, throw the visuals together on a powerpoint ... and thennnnnnn...last and least enjoyable, read some geography. I might, if the mood befalls me, begin on the detailed map and final essay that is due the 7th... but I doubt it. Overachieving is not my forte, I am a journalist after all... but I am now being summoned by the demon known as Geography Discussion...

" Damn damn damn oh crap god damnit son of a ... lois, sometimes it's appropriate to swear. "
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