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It's called "deductive reasoning", Watson!

Truly, it is. Here is my list of speculations concurrent with bits and pieces of fact... I am guessing that Matt read my e-mail and learned about Shane's predicament. I know that he tried to call Shane to figure out what was going on Sunday before he left and instead spoke to Luke for an hour or so. I also know that this constitute a "fuck up", which would result in him forfeiting his ability to call me tonight. I myself have tried calling Shane several times within the last couple of days and am guessing that he has either been out walking and pondering his predicament, or - the more likely - refusing to answer the phone. I talked to Janice today and I know that he will be a free man until June 9th(his scheduled preliminary hearing), and from thence will probably - this is Jan's speculation, recieve probation. While I do miss Matthew's dulcet tones, I do understand his compelling need to know what is transpiring with his best male comrade. I also believe that he loves me and I trust that he really does miss me and I know he will contact me. I also know that I will continue to choke on the tears whenever I remember how much I miss him, how desperately I want another breath of fresh air, and will also continue to think of him before I go to sleep at night, dream about him, and wake up with him on my mind.

On the brighter side, today I finished my Spanish Writing Exam, exhibiting once again that yes, I am a spanish princess. Also, I did not feel compelled to admire Jack's beauty, however have noticed the impracticality of being seated directly accross from him... our eyes met a couple of times again. I looked up from my test, and while my eyes were in transit to gaze at the ceiling - as they are wont to do for fear of the educational authorities attempting to accuse me of cheating - I caught him staring at me. He gave a start, which I find odd. Apparently I frighten him, which would be understandable if he knew me... but from the bits of pieces he knows, that being that I have an excellent taste in music and wear absolute crap every day, I don't think my 130 pound self is that intimidating... I suppose I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time...

faithlynn and I went shopping again today and bought some more suds... That "wine" is too good for my good... However, the prime peak of today was our trip to Barnes & Nobles *yes I feel like a bastard for betraying my beloved Borders *, where I purchased three wholly remarkable books with my 25 dolla gift card. They are as follows...

Eats, Shoots & Leaves [Truss]
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Adams]
The Adventures of Sherlock Holms [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] $5!!!

Reading Frenzy... here I come.
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