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` sigh

well...i miss ian. i am having difficulty imagining what our conversation will be when he gets back...i hope to hell 2 months isnt gonna rip us apart, hell we kept crushing on each other for a gd year. =/ My friends tell me to not be so gd insecure but i cant help it. well, either way, 13 days!!!!!! yay! less than two weeks.!!! when i remember him i get this crazy joy, when i remember all he's done i smile, then i remember, wait, he's gone and then i am pinned to the floor by the very essence of that truth. Plus i dont want to acknowledge the fact that rumors are flying around. I'm chosing to stay nave...blissfully unaware of everything...sounds good to me. 13 dayyyyyyssss.! wheeeeeeeeeeee.! my doggie is in surgery right now. :( My poor puppy.! I miss herrrr. She's the only family member i actually like. yes i know that is sick but truth be told...if my mom was 1/2-way like Ians mom i'd be happy! but she isnt...maybe thats weird fate, i'm supposed to love my mother-in-law more than my mother? ` shrug. oh well. i'm gonna go back to my croissant.
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