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It is the business of the future to be dangerous...

Woo hoo!!! I just demolished a chapter in my geography book... in ONE DAY! One chapter down! Take that, you oppressive textbook-mongering whores!! For I am triumphant once again! Muahhahahahahah! *runs off laughing maniacally into the sunset*

Well... now that I'm done with that madness. I am trying to plan for finals... but as anyone that has half of a brain stem knows, I do not plan, therefore this effort is really quite futile. I do, however, know that I have a final on May, 14th at 10:30... and the writing portion of my final for spanish tomorrow... and other than that... finals... what? when? Yeah... I can't find my syllabi for my other classes either... so...[as soon as you're born you start dying so...] fuck it!

Anyway... I'm going to go register for classes for next year. I can't believe than in 2 weeks time my reign of terror will be over and I'll have to go back home... ugh. At least Matt might call tomorrow, provided he didn't fuck up over the weekend. How I miss that wonderful little bastard. :)
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