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Oh Happy Day!

Woo hoo! So my week has totally been made. I've been wanting nothing more than to hear from Matt... and I got my wish. He e-mailed me yesterday and I've been in a state of euphoria ever since. Some highlights...

"I miss you the most ... i miss laying with you and chill'n with you .. soon i will see you and we will be " won ". "

"Shelby you do not know how empty i feel, Shane will be my only best friend other then you but in a different *platonic* way."

"I will call you as soon as i get to Technical School.... if i do not screw up in the next 2 days ..."

" told my mom there was a possibility and she thought i was recycled because i told her there was potentiality do to "Mein Kampf" with this subjgative tyrannical system of government that i so willingly voluntarily besieged myself into * laughs to himself * yeah right ... So anyways all is well though i feel dumber then a pile of fucking rocks do to this solitude of no one to relate to or with. "

"Okay now... this Email could potentially jeopradize my safety of graduating .. "

"Love Matt"

Yeah so I'm a total dork and I'm completely in love with this kid and he makes me feel like a giggly 10 year old school girl. Well, HAH! I dont care... I love him and he loves me and anyone that doesn't like it is a stupid meanie head. hahaha. And they can go to hell. Anyway... the spanish test is also over... except we have the written part of the exam on monday and I'm not gonna study. I'm feeling a bit recalcitrant, obstinate, or whatever the hell you want to call it.

I have a fuckload of reading to do today and I'm really not in the mood as it's all geography. But ... whatever. I'll take a shower and then I will conquer it. How's that for determined?
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