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Well, see... it's a problem of motivation....

Ugh... I am so tired. 2 nights without decent extended sleep coupled with 2 nights of not going to bed until morning, say 4:30 am, tends to do that. That being said, I dont think I should have to go to my classes today. Not only that, but I apparently have symetrical acne... I had one very prominant zit on one side of my nose... and it has since been disappearing into oblivion but before it has... a partner has errupted in the exact opposite place. Why? Because God hates me. This one, is also far larger and far more prominent... and I'm hoping it's slighly smaller mirror image will vanish soon, and I will be left to contend with just the one. I thought this was supposed to stop after puberty?

I really am in no mood to deal with people today. I do not wish to leave my room. I want to take a long bath, sit and read some HST, some Oscar Wilde, some God-Knows-What-Else, crochet, and take a mental health day. Perhaps I would go lay out in the warm sun. Perhaps I will sit online and try to talk to shane. Perhaps I am just waiting for Matt's phone call that will never come... (ahh... and the truth comes out.) Overall I really am feeling quite anti-social today. I'm a regular hermit crab. Shane would be so proud. . . .

Well I've tried to get ahold of the Shanester... he wanted me to talk to Hanna. They're both so cute I want to give them hugs. I know it's stupid but I need to talk to him about Matt too... and about the whole stupid jail thing. A girl in my poetry class says that as long as he didn't assault the officer with a weapon, didn't have enough weed to sell, all the other charges will be dropped and he'll be shoved in jail for only 2 years... I really really hope not. May I say, for the record, that I would also like to slap shane upside the head. However, he is one of my best friends, and I love the little devil to death.

Well, some luck has been had. I just discovered that I can camoflauge the new rebellious pore with cover-up. God I hate make-up. I'm far too lazy for that crap. Honestly, I wear jeans and a t-shirt every day... I'm not a fasion goddess or a model by any means... and I really don't give a flying fuck... However, this developement makes me less wary of emerging into the outside world. I just really dont want to interact with people. Eric, Nic, Faith, Shannon, Tynan, they're all fine. But no one new please... No Jack, no loud florid folk, no alarms and no suprises, please.

Also, as I did work my ass off to get my assignments all done yesterday, and study for the test I have yet today, I really should go to class. They are all a mere 50 minutes long and there is something due in every single one of them. Therefore, for fear of academic punishment.... I will go to class. But I won't like it! I just wanna play on my panipes...

Your First Date in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
You go on a date with... Cedric Diggory(That hair...?)
He/She takes you to... The Astronomy Tower(i think we can find a spot near that corner)
And you spend the whole time... Catching Fireflies
And finally.... You get devoured by some creature that snuck up behind both of you
Overall the date was... Terrible, I will have nightmares for months
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