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Four Days to Last

I so rule. My husband is going to be a lucky bastard.

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Tynan is cocky. But he thinks he can back it up.

So ah... I finished my test in 25 minutes. Waited for Nikki to talk about the Bouncing Souls tickets... waited for Jack to talk about him coming over. I asked him how the test went... he said ok... asked me the same... commented on my speediness... and then turned around to roll away... I shouted "Hold up"... and he didn't.

I suppose it doesn't really matter. There's always tomorrow ... and I dont know if I care enough to try to talk to him again. On my walk back I started thinking about Matt... and I suddenly felt really sick to my stomach. I almost started balling... I couldn't help but letting a few tears fall...Broke down when I got back in my room... god damnit I love him way too much. I need to talk to Shane.

Apparently I look good today. Hmm... Too bad I feel like shit.
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