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Oh.... I'm so not photogenic.

Thanks Yahoo. Or not thanks... in that case... click the fucker.

I just realized matt either gets out of basic today or next week... I want him to call. But ... I am still going to try and hang out with Jack. If nothing else, he'd still make a really cool friend, because he and I have the same musical tastes, same sence of humor... and there are no doubt great times to be had. Plus... Matthew, while I love you dearly, I'm not waiting for 4 years and being lonely. I can't have you right now, so I'm going to enjoy what I can have to enjoy for the now, It's not like in this month anything serious will develop anyway... and trust me, when you come back I'm all yours. My heart and soul are both always yours... all you have to do is come back and reclaim them and I promise they'll be there for you.
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