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Ok... so there might be hope.

Well... today in Spanish Jack and Mike kept looking at me, a couple of times I met eye contact with Jack and didn't break it... just kinda grinned and waited for him to do something. I felt kinda spied on actually, because every time I looked up from my paper they were looking over at me and kinda whispering... it's a goddamn conspiracy I tell you! Well... no... maybe not... because he got out of class directly behind me... and we started talking and he actually stopped walking to keep talking to me... and I found out he smokes pot. Now I want him even more. Damnit. Provided I get done with my test before him tomorrow I'm going to ask him to come over sometime... perhaps to study for the rest of the test. I actually think he'll say yes. This is also the exact color of the fleece/coat thing he wore today that melted perfectly onto his illusive frame.

May I also say... the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I never wanted to hurt anyone, in fact, I wanted to make it all stop. But apparently there's been a misunderstanding, I guess everyone says things they dont mean on bad days or when they're stressed. However, I still can't shake this feeling of concern... and it is not like i'm the only one.
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