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I call at 7:03...

Talked to Jack again today. He gave me a puzzled look when I was talking in class, and then was evesdropping on our CD conversation... apparently his first CD was 311 self-titled, followed by sublime self-titled, followed by dookie ... green day. Why must he make me like him? I asked him about the Postal Service, as an excuse to keep talking to him... and walking with him, he told me he might have a car to go to the postal service show in Washington hah... May 25th.... I told him to take me with him. He said "Ok". I hate this... I'm getting a crush on some stupid kid with a longboard, beautiful features, and a fantastic taste in music. Oh I've sunk so low...

At the same time... I miss Matt so much. I called his mom to figure out what was going on and I felt slightly better. I wanna marry that kid. Which contributes to the fact that I really dont need to be developing a crush on some kid from my spanish class! Cupid, if I ever see your armed little cherub ass, be prepared to have it kicked into next week...

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