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May you always have the opportunity to dance in the pouring rain...

Ohhhhh man... that was a huge storm. 58 mph winds, lightning strikes, pouring rain, penny sized hail, tornadoes all around, more than 22,000 people out of power... soooo cool. I admit it, with the clouds looking slightly green and all the tornado warnings around, it was probably a little stupid... plus the fact that lightning was striking down all around... well... Sandy, Tim and I went out running around in the rain for about an hour. I had to wring out my clothes, for awhile I couldnt see, rain was dripping off of every inch of me, the puddles were warm... granted it was gross at first when all the air pollution got sucked into the rain drops and literally left dirt on our arms... but when it started pouring we were all better, washed off... I can't wait until the next storm. Now it's quietly and sparatically rumbling and it's very peaceful. Damn... I guess I'll have to do my geography now... ugh.... but i'm so relaxed, relieved, and after eloping with nature... so optimistic.
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