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Fuck! You're making me stupid!

That bastard geography project is now partly done... I feel so dirty. I mean, I had to make a goddamn map of their businesses and surroundings and write comments about their varying level of shabbiness. It's a goddamn city! Everything is gonna have grime on it... Whatever. The worst of it is done, I suppose. And I do derive some pleasure out of the fact that I went kicking and screaming, and on the last possible day to get it done.

I love Jack Johnson, I've gotten back in the habit of listening to him with a cup of jo' in the morning, playing some form of videogame before I jump in the shower. It's really relaxing. It makes me not want to go home this summer because this early morning peace will be entirely nonexistant. Well, I guess it's good that Jack is also very good for calming down after a spurt of anger. Now.... what would help that even more... is if Spanish Jack would come over and we could listen to Jack Johnson ...

Spring sucks. No, no it doesn't. I love it, i love the warmth and I went dancing around in the rain yesterday and it was super fun. The weather is beautiful... I just don't feel beautiful. I can't fit into my old summer clothes but I don't think I've gained any weight. I dont understand it, and there's something seriously wrong with my skin. I need to get it checked out. But I am starting to feel flabby/out of shape and that is re-fucking-diculous, because I'm not fat. And yet, I'm eating a lot of salads, vegetables, and excersizing daily now. Ugh. Kill me now.

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

On the brighter side of my stupidity, we built a MOAT last night outside our door to go with the castle-esque "ye olde humble abode" ambiance. I'm very proud of it, it looks fearsome, especially as it is comprised entirely of blue peeps. Woot!


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Apr. 17th, 2004 12:28 am (UTC)
Hey hey Shelby Jezz Bob.....erm.....yeah..... =o)

I am wondering when you will be back in town. Tell, tell!
Will you be around at all between 18. May and 26. May?
Or ANY time before or after?
Especially 18-26th of May would be good.....if you'd like to meet Linda and Sabrina (my friends from Germany, they're coming to stay with me for that time....).
We must go boating and do the whole film and tea fest at some point in the near future.....
Let me know what goes!

Mad <3,
Anna.Avie.Jeff. erm.....Pinnocchio? ;o)
Apr. 17th, 2004 10:33 am (UTC)

Welp, I'm currently up at school and will be until the slay the finals that are advancing upon me... however i should be home May 17th or sometime around there... so there is definite possibiity for chillage. And boatage. And Blue peep moatage!!! Wooo!

Thesaurus Rex
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